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Tea in Rwanda
Tea in Rwanda( Heritage safaris)

The East-African country of Rwanda is known for many reasons, one of which is tech hub and its famous mountain gorillas that attract visitors from overseas. However, Rwanda on another hand, is known in the trade circles for its rich quality tea which is a focus for today!

Tea is one of the highest export commodities produced from the beautiful mountains. Quality tea leaves are often hand picked from the most tender inner part on top with fresh baby green leaves that are soft in texture. Rwanda tea stands outs for its bold flavors attributed from the volcanic soils, high altitude, cold temperatures in which tea fluorishes the most. Travelers who are on a Visit Rwanda tour, tend to experience the crop to cup experience starting from the farm to that sweet aromatic taste. Heritage safaris will take you through a beautiful, refreshing, romantic green scenery that will blow your mind as you experience the essence of Africa’s tea while you visit our beautiful continent. During these tours, tourists get the opportunity to engage in the process of harvesting tea. As a tourist, when you interact with locals and engage in community activities, as you appreciate the uniqueness of the Rwandan culture.

Tea (Heritage Safaris)
Tea (Heritage safaris)

The  most visited and accessible tea tours can be found in the shores of Lake Kivu and Nyugwe National park.  when you book a tour with heritage safaris you are guaranteed to be mesmrised  by the beautiful green sceneries of rolling, green leafy hills, refreshing breezes that give you exhilarating memories.


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