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Lake Kivu (heritage safaris)

Fascinating Lake Kivu Rwanda

If you are a traveller thinking of Fascinating Lake Kivu on a holiday in Rwanda, do not miss out this beautiful lake.

If you miss out anything else in Rwanda, look up Rwanda’s Fascinating lake.  It stands across the border connecting western province of Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its known as the best place to relax and chill out.

Tourists Visiting Rwanda tend to select this destination after their adventurous and tiring excursions such as gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking and hiking.  As a tourist, you are looking out for a place to relax and wind down, Lake Kivu is just the perfect place.

Lake Kivu is a great place to get away from busy hassle and basle of work, people and pollution from cities. You can say its a perfect place to get away from stresses of the world and leave them behind you as meditate, relax and energize.  Sitting out on the deck, enjoying the sun and taking the view with a cold refreshment { cold beer or fresh-scented juice} makes life on the lake as quiet and slow moving. Its a perfect way to re-think your future endeavour or get over that heartache.  Lake Kivu Serena is a home to the best beach to go for swim or just relax as you are enjoying your holiday.

Lake Kivu is too gorgeous to try to describe in words, it’s the largest and most scenic lake in Rwanda, it has a sandy beach and amazing views, Heritage safaris will ensure to take you this magnificent lake as you end your safari trip.Cruising around in the boat, its so peaceful, so relaxing the views are stunning and as the sun starts to go down it starts to become sunset just the reflection of the lake you can see the mountain across republic of Congo

ake Kivu (Heritage Safaris)

If you are coffee lover, & wish to experience the “crop to cup”, don’t miss the boat tour to Kinunu. Immerse yourself in this magnificent coffee tour with an organic, natural and brewing process right from the coffee farm. This tour also comes with a cup of coffee.

Crop to cup (Heritage Safaris)
Crop to cup (Heritage Safaris)

Travelers can also enjoy  half day or full day hikes and nature walks and bike rides. Experiencing this adventure can be done on the newly developed Congo Nile Trail. As you hike and bike, you can also go on village visits and do some cultural tourism and interact with the locals and learn a bit about them. You can also climb up some hills and back down on your bike, after all Rwanda is a land of thousand hills.

Biking and hiking Congo Nail Trail
Biking and hiking Congo Nail Trail.

Tea in Rwanda is the highest export commodity. In the beautiful Tourists also find it exciting to experience this at the closest tea factory, a spectacular contrast with the blue and sunny skies. Tea picking is a good  experience tourists can enjoy where by they Interact with the locals, learn about how tea is grown, processed and made to taste sweet

Travelers can be spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels and Lodges around lake Kivu. Options range from Luxury to budget, the choice is yours! Let your pocket determine how and where to spend your holiday!.

Rwanda being one of the safest countries in Africa, you are certainly assured of a quiet and refreshing break on Lake Kivu.









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