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Coffee Tour in Rwanda

Coffee Tour in Rwanda.

Coffee Tour in Rwanda takes you to explore one of the main cash crops that the country exports and doubles as a tourist attraction for travelers that love to explore plantations and its famous mountain gorillas that attract visitors from overseas. If you a traveler thinking of a holiday or Vacation in Rwanda, immerse yourself in this magnificient coffee tour with an organic, natural and brewing process right from the coffee farm to that sweet-scented taste.

Coffee in Rwanda(heritage safaris)

The most visited and accessible coffee tours can be found at Kinunu in the shores of  Lake Kivu giving you the beautiful views to admire. Travelers with the desire to taste coffee in Rwanda, Heritage Safari will ensure to take you this maganificient tour as you experience the essence of the Africans coffee while you visit our beautiful continent with unforgettable moments.

coffee in Rwanda(heritage safaris)
coffee in Rwanda(heritage safaris)

During these tours, tourist get the opportunity and experience the crop to cup as they interact with local, engage in community activities as you appreciate the essence of Rwandan culture. Book your coffee tour with Heritage Safaris and you will be delighted.

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