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119, KG 9 Av, Kigali (Co-Located in Hotel Villa Portofino)

Transportation Facilities in Rwanda

EAST-AFRICA is the most visited in Africa mainly because of the amazing places and packages that come with. According to the world bank, in 2020 the EAC received 2.25 million international tourists, compared to 6.98 million in 2019. As the 3rd most visited country Rwanda International tourism, number of arrivals was reported at 1 634 000 in 2019 and expected to double by the end of 2022. Rwanda safety, black silver gorilla, transportation facilities, beautiful and accessible roads among others, continue to tremendously rise. Tourists who are on Visit Rwanda tour, going on an expedition to view the magnificent plains and stunning range of wildlife in Africa, and curious on how to best reach to different parts of the Rwanda’s suburbs on the thousands hills country worry no more. Book your adventure with heritage safaris. we have a fleet of well maintained 4×4 safaris vehicles with game viewing pop up roofs and cozy seats conscientiously invented with ample knee space  which allow maximum relaxation.

heritage safaris car
heritage safaris car.

We also have air conditioning, refrigerator, charging ports, neck pillows, refreshments and free WiFi on board. Our drivers/guides speak fluent English, French and Kinyarwanda. They are very knowledgeable in all regional languages such as Swahili and other contextual matters regarding tourism in the region. However travelers who want to explore this beautiful, cleanliness, with well-maintained streets, Kigali sightseeing Bus elevates the experience to a new level by giving tourists the opportunity to see the very best of tourist attractions. The luxury double-decker open roof bus offer incredible views of the beautiful city of kigali, and is equipped with air conditioner, WI-FI, charging portals for electronic devices and digital screens.

kigali city tour bus(heritage safaris)
Kigali city tour bus(heritage safaris).

The national carrier Rwanda Air is one of the safest and fastest growing airline on the African continent that you can think of. If you a traveler thinking of a holiday in Rwanda, book your flight with Rwanda Air and you will mesmerized. The Airline has cozy seats which allow maximum relaxation, cabin crew is awesome whereby they provide excellent customer care to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight.

Rwandair(heritage safaris)
Rwandair(heritage safaris).

Visitors who want to explore Rwanda, join the exciting world of Aviation and travel in comfort and style. Akagera Aviation will fly you while experiencing the beauty sceneries of Rwanda.

Whether you are visiting the heritage and cultural in the southern province or the primates in the North or west, or the big five in the East you shouldn’t worry because Rwanda has great road Network with tarmac roads to destinations of your choice.


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