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Birding in Rwanda

Birds in Rwanda (Heritage Safaris)

If you are on Visit Rwanda tour you as a bird lover, you will be mesmerised to meet with more than 750 new species.  Rwanda, is a country in the Centre of the African continent, very rewarding with a massive bird list of about 750 species. Heritage safaris will ensure the to take you to the most adventurous sites that bring you closer and closer to the most beautiful birds. A birding safari in Rwanda ensures you the most adventurous trip of a life time!.  A birding safari in Rwanda can be short. Birding trails in Rwanda are the easiest to access rare and hard-to-spot bird species. When it comes to Birding in Rwanda, there are so many more birds to discover all over the country. They are a delight to the eye.

Heritage Safaris
Birding in Rwanda (Heritage Safaris)  

Birding with  Heritage safaris is one of the most adventurous pleasures that make visitors feel blissfully welcome to nature. Birds are accessible anywhere and everywhere in Rwanda. Nonetheless, the main and the most popular birding destinations include Akagera national park which lies in the north east of Rwanda, outside the high rising Albertine belt. It has about 500 bird species and the most sought after birds are Red-faced Barbet, White-collared olive back, Ring-heckled francolin, breasted roller, brown crested lapwing, African king fisher. The park has wetlands and lakes with some of the bird species like the shoebill stork, papyrus canary, papyrus Gonolek.

Spectacular Birds in Rwanda (Heritage Safaris)

Another good birding spot is Nyungwe National Park which is in the south west corner of Rwanda with about 310 bird species, and 27 endemics of the Albertine Rift valley, yet in the most tropical forests elsewhere, you will have to look harder for the most decorated birds.  Nyungwe National Park is a vast and untouched tropical rainforest with high dense canopy. It’s known to be the only park where birding maybe done peacefully without fear of any possible attacks from other wildlife such as Elephants and buffalos. Some birds species include Red collared mountain babbler, handsome spurfowl, Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori Batis and many others.

Colourful Birds in Rwanda (Heritage Safaris)

Other birding hotspots near Kigali are; on Lake Nyarutarama, near the golf course, where one can spot the Reed warbler, Tropical Boubou,Red-rumped, pied kingfisher and many more. You can enjoy captivating bird encounters, classy scenic beauties as well as the main birding spots in Rugezi swamp, Akanyaru Wetlands, Nyabarongo out of of the main city Kigali. Various superb bird species your to to Rwanda special and memorable. We can not shy away from saying that Rwanda has a prolifolic birdlife.

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