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One of the biggest concerns for tourists planning to travel to Africa is security. The security of a particular Destination for holiday, will either make or break your vacation experience.

We all love to feel safe especially when in an unfamiliar place away from home. Read on as I enlighten you on what to expect security-wise if you are planning a trip to this beautiful country.

Rwanda is one of the most secured countries in Africa                              

Imagine an African country where you can comfortably walk on streets at night while using your smartphone and not lose it within a blink of an eye!!!!

Amazingly well-lit streets all across the country with security cameras, to guarantee the safety of all that walk these beautiful streets.

Due to her past, like most of you have heard about the Genocide that happened in 1994 and the instability of some of her neighboring countries, Rwanda has invested heavily in her security systems and makes sure everyone is safe and no one is above the law! As a result, the number of tourists visiting Rwanda has increased tremendously.

However, when you visit Rwanda to avoid surprises you should keep these safety precautions in mind;

  • Do not display or show that you have a lot of money in public.
  • Keep your eyes on your valuables as you walk in crowded areas such as markets and bus parks.
  • Ensure that you go with your valuables or lock them in a safe when leaving the hotel room.
  • Do not leave your smartphone on a table or charging spot. Keep it in your pocket if not in use.
  • Always lock your car when not in.
  • Respect the traditions and cultures of the land.
  • Update your travel insurance before taking your trip so that your covered in terms of property loss or medical emergencies.
  • The genocide is still fresh in the memories of Rwandan adults. Please avoid starting a conversation about the genocide with just about anyone because it is a very sensitive topic.

Hmmm!! now let’s say you have become a victim of what’s mentioned above;

call or report immediately to the nearest police station.

File a report with your respective embassy.

After all the purpose of life is to live, taste and reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences such as visiting Rwanda’s beautiful hills, game parks, natural beauty, and an amazing night life!!

With Heritage Safaris safety comes first, followed by an exceptional adventure. Come and enjoy Amahoro y’ Rwanda (a peaceful land).


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