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How old should a child be to go for Gorilla trekking?

How old should a child be to go for gorilla trekking? This is one most commonly asked question by visitors on a gorilla safaris. Gorilla trekking is an adventure of a lifetime but not all persons go to track mountain gorillas. All gorilla treks in Rwanda, Uganda, D.R Congo are open to gorilla trekkers above 15 years.

If you are below 15 years by gorilla trekking  standards/regulations, you are considered to be child. Persons that are 15 and above it is believed that they are mature and not easy to be frightened unlike the children.

Children below 15 years are excluded because they aren’t mature to stand a massive Silverback that is irritated or charged instead, they can easily take off and this isn’t safe. Also, they are believed to be carriers of common illness like measles, flue and cough which can easily spread to mountain gorillas. A fact that these apes share 98% of their DNA, it puts them at a risk to contract such illness that is why the standard rule for you to go gorilla trekking, you must be 15 years and over.

The age limit for the gorilla trekking is one of the areas of primate loving traveler should understand before setting off for volcanoes National park or Bwindi impenetrable park to trek gorillas. Why 15 years?. These people are considered to be fit enough to make a gorilla track. To see gorillas all requires you to be fit since its all about trekking via the forests not simple walks in the savanna.

Treks are generally unpredictable-it can take you 2-6 hours less or more and the most important determining factor is your level of fitness.

Children below 15 carry or contract most airborne disease or  communicable diseases like Cough, Flu, and gorilla can easily contract them as well. Also young children can be playful yet this adventure is all done in wild a home to diverse wildlife.

After understanding eligibility for gorilla trekking, get to know when you should embark a tour to see mountain gorillas. Rwanda and Uganda is an open  gorilla destination all year-round but the dry season are the best months to enjoy trekking. Each year, the best dry season months to take note are June, July August, September and December, January, February.

Should you wish to book a gorilla trek or hike to see other primates, please contact us on or visit our website to select a conducive package.

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