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119, KG 9 Av, Kigali (Co-Located in Hotel Villa Portofino)

Exploring the breathtaking Nyandungu Eco-Tourism Park

Nyandungu Eco-park(heritage safaris)
Nyandungu Eco-park (heritage safaris).

I visited the Nyandungu Eco-tourism and recreational park on the hottest days this month. Upon the arrival, you are first welcomed by well-built gates and pavements made up of natural stones at all entrances. Close by is the information Centre where the visitor is taken through registration. A few minutes into my walk, I see a young woman carrying a backpack, earphones plugged, visibly enjoying her day, surely i must say this  kind of place is where people can come to meditate, and relax. Couples sit on beaches at various spots, talking and looking into each other’s eyes, as they breath spectacularly clean air how beautiful is that! Meanwhile on the other side children ride bicycles, play under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Artificial Ponds (heritage safaris).
Artificial Ponds (heritage safaris).

I also observed various water ponds located in the park which provide a comfortable place for visitors to take a health break amidst the serene natural environment. The park is pilled high with different tree species which according to environment play a key role in minimizing floods which have been prevalent in the area.

Cranes (heritage safaris)
Cranes (heritage safaris).

If you are bird lover, the park is home to some few Cranes and  other bird species which  are increasing in the wetland and according to the park management, the site is currently home to more than 70 bird species. The park welcomes both local and international tourists to create wonderful memories in this new biodiversity hotspot in Kigali The fig forest around the park also provides shade for the walkways and dedicated cycling paths that helps one to easily navigate the diverse park. Visitors can walk, jog or cycle while enjoying the serenity of natural environment.

Nyandungu Restaurant (heritage safaris)
Nyandungu Restaurant (heritage safaris)

Besides the picnic sites, cycling and walking lanes, the eco park has a restaurant that looks like stone cottage which offers snacks and refreshments to the visitors.

‘’Truthfully, I didn’t expect such amazing place like this before, with this fresh air that differentiates it from other places, its worthy to visit for relaxation.’’ The park really provides the beauty of Rwanda that promotes tourism.

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