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Rwanda's Culture

What travelers need to know about Rwanda’s Culture and Heritage

Apart from being the home of the endangered Mountain gorillas, what travelers need to know about Rwanda’s Culture and Heritage is that is one the best cultural destinations in Africa. Cultural tours in Rwanda is what keeps many travelers coming back over and over as well as the hospitality of the people of Rwanda with insightful cultural experiences after your long day of a hike through the jungles of the land of a thousands hills is the best way to enjoy your stay in Rwanda. As a traveler, you want to be acquainted with Rwanda’s major culture heritage sites, Book your tour with Heritage Safaris as we take you to different sites that are worth visiting for a deeper understanding of the country’s amazing culture and history.

The king’s palace located in Nyanza district southern province along the road to Nyugwe Forest National Park is a beautiful crafted thatched dwelling shaped like a beehive. In older times, Nyanza was the heart of  Rwanda. According to oral tradition, it was the site of battles and power struggles. One of the most famous kings who ruled Rwanda before the declaration of  Rwanda was called king(Mwami) Mutara three Rudahigwa. He lived in a beautiful traditional Palace which has been restored through establishment of the king’s palace in 2008 to preserve Rwandan art and cultural heritage.

Inyambo cattle (heritage safaris)
Inyambo cattle (heritage safaris).

At the back live a few long-horned inyambo cattle, descended from the king’s herd whose keepers carefully tend and sing to them, keeping alive a unique tradition. They’re beautiful to look at, with stately elegance you don’t generally expect from cows, until you learn they’re part of the royal heritage, used in many important ceremonies.

Rwanda Art Museum (heritage safaris)
Rwanda Art Museum (heritage safaris).

Formerly the presidential palace Museum, this new museum displays contemporary art works from Rwanda as well as abroad. The museum seeks to provide an insight into the originality of Rwandan creativity, come explore the development of Art from olden times to the modern-day. The Museum is located in Kanombe 4 kilometers from Kigali international Airport.

Kigali Genocide Memorial(heritage safaris)
Kigali Genocide Memorial(heritage safaris).

Rwanda’s painful past has haunted the country for years however, their impressive recovery story has turned them in to inspiration. The genocide memorial acts as a humbling reminder to those present and honours who lost. This is a worthwhile visit for travelers who want to gain insight into the history of genocide in Rwanda. This helps travelers, or visitors appreciate how far Rwanda has come.

Ethnographic Museum(heritage safaris)
Ethnographic Museum(heritage safaris).

Another most interesting and amazing place that is worth the visit is Ethnographic Museum. The museum is also known as Inzu ndangamurage. It has a lot of ancient, tradition and all historical culture which attracts travelers hence yearning to come back for the same attraction. Traditional clothing and architectural methods are also illustrated, as well as the social importance of cattle.

Kandt Museum(heritage safaris)
Kandt Museum(heritage safaris).

Travelers who are on kigali city tour, Kandt museum house is easier to access since its located in kigali downtown. The museum has three galleries; with one displaying social-economical life, another history of includes a temporal exhibits of natural history such as snakes and crocodiles.The views of kigali and its surroundings is also most stunning when standing at the museum.

INEMA ART GALLERY(heritage safaris)
Inema Art Gallery(heritage safaris).

The capital city Kigali today is an explosion of Color, art, and creativity. A visit to Inema Art gallery is an out door with a garden located in kacyiru. Inema Art Gallery is the most captivating art scene in kigali, it’s the place where many visitors go to buy arts and crafts. The center also hosts weekly events such as live music performance, art and yoga class. For coffee lovers, the out door gardens feature coffee shops and restaurant to eat, drink and enjoy your time.

Visiting museums gives you great common look into culture and art of Rwanda, however travelers who would want to experience the village lifestyle need to go extra mile and visit iby’iwacu culture village in Musanze district Northern division. This is a community based organization situated a few kilometers from Volcanoes National Park, one of the best destinations for gorillas tours.Travelers can visit this village in the afternoon after the gorilla trekking. The cultural tour introduces you to the traditional Rwandan culture and village lifestyle whereby travelers participate in demonstrations like dressing as traditional king or queen, taking part in traditional Maraba dance, grinding millet or sorghum, bow and arrow, shooting, gardening.

Kimironko market(heritage safaris)
Kimironko market(heritage safaris).

Kimironko Market is known as the busiest market in kigali town. The market is a large complex where all sorts of items are available for sale, handcrafts and souvenirs, colourful baskets, fabrics and seamstresses ready to make you dress of your choice. These expert tailors are constantly available and happy to manufacture kinteges apparel or accessories in a timely and cost-effective manner. Kimironko market is popular for fresh vegetables, and exotic fruits, fresh fish and Rwandan traditional foods,

Nyamirambo Womens Center is a women’s social enterprise offering cultural experiences to support women in tourism development in Rwanda. The center offers a souvenir shop, outdoor cooking class that introduces you to the traditional Rwandan dishes and lifestyles.

Kigali fashion(heritage safaris)
Kigali fashion(heritage safaris).

The capital of Kigali is growing so fast though it would have been a pipe dream some years ago, today the city is cosmopolitan enough to host not one, but two fashion festivals every year. The fashion show offer a fantastic opportunity to see the cultural fusion of western and Rwandan styles that the country’s finest designers negotiate and create daily.Kigali  fashion week takes place every july, and this gives opportunity to travelers who are on visit Rwanda tour, holidays or vacation to see a mix of Rwandan and international fashion products. The show hosts dozens of international, local, and upcoming young designers, while the Rwandan cultural fashion week show cases even more local and international talent every September.

There are several cultural festivals that bring the people of Rwanda together and which are organized at different times of the year. ‘’Umuganda’’ is organized every last Saturday of the month to allow the citizens clean up the streets. The event is compulsory for residents between 8am to 12pm, cars or offices do not operate while citizens are cleaning the city. As a tourist you can join to help with collecting garbage sweeping the roads or removing unwanted weed, as you are interacting with the locals.

Baby Gorilla (heritage safaris)
Baby Gorilla (heritage safaris).

Another interesting festival is ‘’Kwita Izina.’’ This ceremony is organized by Rwanda Developmental Board(RDB) at the Volcanoes National Park every year to give a name to all newly born mountain gorillas. The event is attended by tourists, international celebrities, conservationists, veterinary doctors, politicians and sometimes presidents.

Finally the ‘’kwibuka’’ which is organized every month of April. This event is commemorated not only in Rwanda but almost every country in the world, it’s the official day in which those who died during the 1994 Rwandan genocide are remembered.

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