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Adventure in Rwanda

Adventure in Rwanda.

If you on Visit Rwanda tour, you as traveller will be mesmerized as you discover the spectacular adventure in Rwanda. Lake Kivu is one the greatest place that tourists tend to select for their adventure, a place to relax and wind down. Kayaking on Lake Kivu in Rwanda is one of the beautiful and unique experience to immerse yourself in the scenery, enjoy with a breath of fresh air, spectacular views gazing up at the mountainous backdrop from the tranquility of the water.

Adventure in Rwanda

This experience is one the most outstanding ways of going through your day, birds dart in and out of the bushes, the clear and clean lake has an irregular shoreline with plenty of sandy beaches as well as little islands to investigate. There are no hippos or crocodiles to stress over thus making paddling much simpler.

Another main attraction adventure that blow tourists minds is the amazing canopy walk way. Imagine walking at the level of the rain forest canopy at nearly 160m long and 70m high above the ground. Book your adventure with Heritage Safaris and will ensure to take you to this thrilling and an amazing canopy walkway experience in Nyungwe National Park. The park is filled with beautiful nature and wildlife experiences for travelers to emerge themselves in.

Bisoke crater lake(heritage safaris)
Bisoke crater lake(heritage safaris).

Rwanda is a paradise for hiking and trekking lovers, offering amazing trails for tourists wanting to explore expansive views from top of the country’s highest peaks. Mount bisoke volcano found in Volcanoes National Park is the most popular hiking destination for travelers.Tourists main aim of the hike on Mount Bisoke is to see the large crater lake at the peak. It is so beautiful to see and experience. Bisoke hiking trail from the base to the peak takes approximately 6 hours depending on one’s pace and weather.

Mount Gahinga (heritage safaris)
Mount Gahinga (heritage safaris).

Hiking Mount Gahinga is one the easily hiked mountains in virunga but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to come fit. Its trails takes you through various types of vegetation that can be described as Afro-montane with bamboo composing the main vegetation. The bamboo forests on Mt Gahinga are the habitant of the endangered mountain gorillas, the golden monkeys and even the bird species. The hike takes between 5 and 7 hours depending on the fitness of the climber. The summit offers amazing views of the other distant volcanoes in the virunga ranges as well as you can spot Mount Mahabura and Mount sabyinyo very closely giving temptations to also reach their summits in the next days.

Adventure in Rwanda

Cycling on the land of thousands hills is an excellent destination of exploring Rwanda’s country side. Travelers can enjoy half day or full day on the newly developed Congo Nile Trail. Biking and hiking is an authentic and rewarding way of interacting with the locals, learn a bit of them, visit and do some cultural tourism with a huge dose of  Rwanda’s natural beauty.

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