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Here are some facts about Rwanda as a Tourist Destination. Rwanda whose capital is Kigali is a landlocked country in East Africa bordering Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the South and Congo in the West. Rwanda as a tourist destination is so thrilling to visit with so much to see and do.

Rwanda as a Tourist DestinationThe country is naturally endowed with natural and man-made attractions that are so stunningly unique which is why multitudes of tourists visit all year round.

Rwanda has substantial natural resources for tourism with a variety of landscapes and ecosystems, climate and culture. The “thousand Hills” characteristic of Rwanda provides unique scenic beauty, while the outstanding mountain features in the west and the plains of the east with their unique flora and fauna are part of the exquisite beauty that blankets Rwanda and makes it so special.

In addition to being a premier destination for gorilla safaris, Rwanda also has abundant wildlife, 13 species of primates and East Africa’s only canopy walk, all to be found in the dense rain forests of Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Volcanoes National Park alone offers the best opportunity to track and see mountain gorillas, to track Golden monkeys, to hike Diany Fossey in Rwanda including guided nature walks in Musanze.

With the recent reintroduction of lions to Akagera National Park in the east, Rwanda has truly come into its own as a fully-fledged safari destination, and to top it all off, it’s not even a day’s drive between each of these world-class attractions.

Visitors can explore Kigali City before they drive around the country and they are taken away by the 1000 hills that will overtake one’s breath. Kigali City Tour takes the visitors around the busy town where they are able to learn the history of the town from the colonial era to democracy, from slums to the suburbs with dozens of historic museums, memorials, and churches, and forward-looking population just waiting to welcome you to their home.

Rwanda boosts tea and coffee plantations which from a distance make it look so beautiful. A visit to Lake Kivu is a great highlight of a typical Rwanda Safari and a hike through lakeside villages on the Congo Nile trail is a great opportunity to fully experience this land of a thousand hills.

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