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Mount Elgon National Park is an extinct volcano with Wagagai as its highest peak. Mount Elgon has got the largest surface area of any extinct Volcano in the world and is the 4th highest mountain in East Africa. It also contains collapsed crater-Calder covering over 40kms at the top and it is the largest known crater, surrounded by a series of rugged peaks.

Tourist Activities in Mount Elgon National Park.

Mount Elgon National Park


The main tourist activity in Mount Elgon National Park is hiking the Mount Elgon and hikers get to enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain. The unique Sipi waterfalls, ancient enormous Stone Age cave paintings close to the Budadiri trail head, the scenic mountain peaks, the hot springs that bubble up at 4800c and gorges are to mention but some of the thrilling attractions the Elgon area has to offer.


The Elgon area has nine basic campsites to offer, located at strategic points along the trekking routes. Camping should only be done at designated campsites and tourists are advised to carry along with them all the required camping equipment.

Sipi Falls Hike

The Sipi falls are a series of 3 waterfalls fed by the waters from the mountain. The falls are located a few kilometers from Mbale, en-route to the Forest Exploration Centre and Kapkwata. Several trails in the area allow for intriguing day hikes through friendly local villages and beautiful farming country. Seven rock-climbing routes are open at Nagudi rock, half-way between Mbale and Budadili. The routes are bolted, but climbers must bring their own rock-climbing equipment. Each climber pays to the local Parish treasurer.

Where to stay at Mount Elgon National Park

International standard hotels in Mbale town include; Mount Elgon Hotel, Country home, Mbale Resort Hotel, and Sunrise Inn. Up-market lodges and Budget lodging at Sipi Falls, Mbale and Budadiri. Within the park, there are camping wooden Bandas that are naturally air-conditioned, having warm and cold water showers fitted with lighting system. At Suam and Kapkwata are guesthouses and at the Forest Exploration Center (dormitory style rooms) at Kapkwai.

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