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119, KG 9 Av, Kigali (Co-Located in Hotel Villa Portofino)


A country of a thousand hills, a city with an exceptional night life experience. Oooh! just in case you’re wondering, am talking about Rwanda, Kigali.

A trip to Rwanda through Heritage Safaris offers travelers a wholesome experience from trekking gorillas in the volcanoes to an amazing night life.

Come journey with me as we explore Kigali night life!

 Coffee shops

They say coffee is better with a view, who wants to have coffee inside yet Kigali has the best coffee shops with stunning views at night, talk about taking in the insights of a busy cityscape or soaking up the tranquility of nature.


A good restaurant is like a vacation! it transports you and it becomes more than just about the food. For quick service, whether you love a quite ambiguous or loud and busy setup, there are plenty of options for you.

If you love eating out at night, having dinner and drinks with family or friends, remember our previous blog about the local cuisines!!!! Well, you find all that in Kigali restaurants.

Game nights/sports watching

For game lovers, compete it out with friends through bowling, pool table, escape room, computer games, Karting and cheer a night as you watch a live basketball.

Car free zone

Take a late night stroll in the famous car free zones across the city. But Wait!!!! Did you know that you can sit and have a drink, enjoy the famous brochette in the middle of the street as you chill a night away!!!!!

Live Music, Concerts and Cinema

Just like laugher is medicine to the soul, so is beautiful music! Experience intimate performances in unique spaces with every kind of music from reggae, funk, hip hop, jazz, blues to Comedy, salsa dancing, live band music, Rwandan cultural dancing.

Or maybe a Movie Night is your cup of tea!!!!  kigali movie theaters are a must stop over on your vacation. Remember cinemas are not only about making people dream but think too.

And if you wanna party all night in the neon lights, kigali concerts will leave you with life time stories to tell, ha!


If you love going to bars to have fun, a booze, get a little high, get to meet new people and socialize, kigali night life experience will sort you out. Whether a VIP Lounge or a “Mukubite” (a cheap bar) there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Have you ever been to a bar with door staff that get to welcome you, Consummate hosts that introduce you to other guests, well get to find out on your trip to Kigali.


Groove the night away, listening to loud music, dancing as you sip your alcohol.

Clubs in Kigali have atmospheric lighting with a warm glow not bare light bulbs, the temperatures are kept at comfortable levels for everyone with a drink selection ranging from Beers, wines, spirits, cocktails made by talented mixologists.

That brings me to a cash less economy in this beautiful city, where you don’t have to carry cash to have fun but rather pay using what we call Momo or your Visa card. Mmmmh!!!! this gets me thinking of my next blog. Stay tuned!!


Wondering how to get home after a night of partying! Transportation in the city is made easy with city cabs, drivers for hire or a motto (bike) which will get you home safe and sound. As the saying goes; “At the end of the day the goals are simple; safety and security.” Who knows maybe in our next blog I will tell you about security in a country of a thousand hills. Watch the space!!!

Travel with Heritage Safaris and be assured of fascinating day tours and a thrilling night life experience.

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