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Thinking of taking your family on a vacation to Africa? Wondering how the toddlers will handle the experience? Worry not. Africa has been providing amazing family oriented holidays and vacations for decades. From excellent accommodation to family friendly activities, Africa is becoming a hub for adventurous families. The prospect of doing a safari in the untamed wilderness and a beach relaxation is nothing short of exquisite.

Enjoy the Big 5 in Serengeti at our handpicked lodges with dedicated safari programs for children. Our beach safari destinations in Zanzibar offer amazing resorts with kid’s clubs and baby sitters. Combine your beach relaxation with a wildlife a safari. Now, that will create memories.

Africa Family Vacations
Photo Credit: Camp Zebra

At heritage safaris, we craft your family holiday with the kids at the center, offering activities that will keep them captivated and alert. We know which activities will entertain and keep them immersed in their adventure. Our itineraries compose of short drive times and short game drives. This is to make sure they don’t lose interest in the activity or get tired during the long drives. Our experienced and expert guides get to interact with the children during the game drives.

On your Africa family vacations, we divide our days into 2. The first part is usually a morning game drive. Here, we focus on the big game. Elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, hyenas and cheetahs are usually the focus. Teaching them how to use binoculars and letting them spot the wildlife and birds is one way of engaging them throughout the game drives. In the evening, we recommend an engaging activity. Here, cycling, short nature walks or even a cultural encounter will keep the young ones entertained.

We handpick accommodation that is kid friendly. Programs and kid’s clubs are a must for our family holidays. Buffets are a favorite for families with children. They offer a variety unlike the A la carte dining which may be restrictive. Every family is dissimilar. Speak to our safari expert and we will design your perfect family holiday.

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