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Africa Adventure safaris offer more than the interaction with the wild. Let your hair down, feel the cool breeze give you the sense of freedom. Soar and get your adrenaline pumping as you undertake the scariest of adventures for life time memories. The terrain and topography has blessed Africa with the resources to create adventures like no other. Let us take you on your dream Adventure Safaris.

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Africa Adventure Activities

Sky Diving

Skydive zanzibar




Quad Biking

Quad biking



Horse Back safaris

Horse back safaris

Sky Diving

Looking for the ultimate adventure? The Zanzibar islands and Mombasa offer spectacular Sky diving adventures over one of the beautiful and picturesque islands. The Skydive team offers professional sky diving services with professional instructors. Feel the rush as you jump out of the plane, feel the rush of the air against your face and the serenity as you free fall. On your sky diving adventure, epic moments are captured in videos and pictures which come as part of the Adventure Safaris package.

Balloon Safaris

Balloon safaris in Africa present a unique and unprecedented way to experience the vast savanna wilderness on any given safari. Soaring up the Serengeti whist overlooking the plain savanna plains beaming with wildlife is an experience like no other. Although balloon safaris are costly, the experience is worth every penny.

The serenity as you float high above the tree tops gives you a new perspective on the African wilderness. However high, you have chances of seeing predators striding across the open plains. The flight includes sections of a higher elevation for uninterrupted views of the wilderness. The low flying sections allows you to see the wildlife grazing on the savanna. Follow the rivers, catch close encounters of hippos or big elephant herds. These balloon safaris give opportunities for spectacular aerial shots. As you glide over the vast plains, the ground teams will track you for a pick up after your Adventure Safaris.

White Water Rafting

Africa’s numerous river and dramatic landscapes provide some of the best adventure activities in the world. As the water cascades down the hilly terrain, falls are created and the bases of these falls offers some of the best white water rafting adventures. Africa offers some of the best rafting destinations. Grade 3 and grade 5 rapids are encounter on these rivers. Irrespective of your experience, we will find what fits. Family rafting, grade and grade 5 rafting is done of the River Nile. Get your adrenaline pumping as you are thrown out of your raft just to be pulled back for another thrashing.

Horseback safaris.

Unlike the conventional 4×4 land cruiser game viewing, horseback safaris offer something special. You ride onto the savanna with clear views of the wildlife. You are wholly one with the wilderness. You smell the fresh grass, hear every single sound made by the insects, game and the wind, something you would completely miss in a safari land cruiser.  On your horseback safari, you are led by expert and yes, armed rangers. These safaris are done in sections of the park where there are no predators. No need for any prior horse riding experiences. Just venture out and be one with the wild.


The different landscapes in Africa offer magnificent opportunities for this safari activity. The rock up crops and the beautiful steep cliffs provide opportunities for you, the outdoor adventurer. The Sipi falls in the eastern part of Uganda offers unprecedented abseiling tours. Abseiling here is done beside the 100-meter waterfall. The views and serenity on the adventure is unrivalled.


For those who love the great outdoors, Africa is the perfect destination. Although 28% of the continent is desert, towering mountains covered with montane and alpine vegetation offer you the perfect hiking holiday. Mt Kilimanjaro (tallest mountain in Africa) and Mt Rwenzori (second tallest) offering challenging but rewarding summitting hikes. Both ranges are snowcapped throughout the year and offer epic scenic climbs. The Virunga ranges of Mt Bisoke, Karisimbi, Gahinga, Sabinyo and Muhabura offer day hikes to the summit.

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Skydive zanzibar
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